Where in the World is Lucy?

We have had a lot of people asking about our famous Fair Acres dog, Lucy, lately! Many of you have noticed that she hasn’t been on campus recently, checking in on the children and staff, as she regularly does…

Well, lucky for Lucy, she has had the opportunity to spend some time with Molly Larson, in Philadelphia! Lucy has been enjoying keeping Molly company at UPenn Veterinary School, and has also had a chance to meet all kinds of new canine friends. Lucy has been a fantastic companion for Molly, keeping Molly’s stress at bay during her exams!

As much as we miss Lucy here at Fair Acres, we know she is in good hands with future veterinarian Molly…

Molly & Lucy in Philadelphia

Lucy and her new friend, Luke

Rumor has it that Lucy may be back soon!

Happy Easter From All of Us at Fair Acres!

Easter Egg Trivia: The tradition of using colored eggs to celebrate the onset of spring began 5000 years ago in Persia, around 3000 B.C.  On the first day of spring (the spring equinox), the Persians would exchange dyed eggs!

Uncover some unique Easter egg decorating tips here.

Author Study: Laura Numeroff

Author studies feature recognizable collections that help our preschoolers develop a love of literature and reading, by allowing them to begin to understand how an author’s individual style influences the content of a book.

This week, the younger 3’s have been enjoying learning about Laura Numeroff!

Laura is a children’s book author of many favorite titles, including, If You Give A Moose A Muffin

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing all of our families a very happy Valentine’s Day from Fair Acres!

At a very early age, children recognize the power of poetry, and its ability to inspire emotions. It is especially fun to create poetry around holiday themes, when children are excited to make cards for their loved ones…below, is a selection of Valentine’s Day songs and poems you may enjoy sharing with your children that might inspire them to come up with some of their own beautiful sentiments. The three-line haiku (five words/seven words/five words) is a great way to start!

Valentine’s Day Songs, Poems & Fingerplays for Kids

Five Little Valentines

One little valentine said, “I love you.”
Tommy made another; then there were two
Two little valentines, one for me;
Mary made another; then there were three.
Three little valentines said, “We need more.”
Johnny made another; then there were four
Four little valentines, one more to arrive;
Susan made another; then there were five.
Five little valentines, all ready to say.
“Be my valentine on this happy day.”

Staff Fun Night


Last night our Fair Acres teachers got together after hours for a little staff bonding. We all participated in a murder mystery party called “Death by Chocolate.” Everyone dressed their part and tears of laughter were flowing as we navigated through this game. A good time was definitely had by all! It is so nice to get together and have some fun, social time together. Nice job Ms. Anina for planning such a hysterical night for us. We are already looking forward to next month’s get together!