News from our Kindergarten

The Kindergarten class has been learning about the water cycle, and the importance of water as one of Earth’s natural resources! As part of one of their interactive lessons, the students welcomed special visitors from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition to share their expertise and insights with them. The weather station that was recently installed on campus, pictured below, is being used as an instrument to measure rainfall and water temperature.

“I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Linda’s kindergarten class about the measurements we’re making at Fair Acres. We have a station by the garden that is measuring rainfall and water temperature and levels in Shubael Pond. These data will contribute to a nearby study of enhanced septic systems that can remove nitrogen from effluent. I was so impressed by how much the children knew about where their water comes from, how it is used, and where it goes in the landscape around them. I look forward to visiting again soon!” ~EPA Staff Memeber