News from Amigo!

We are so happy to report that Amigo, our beloved school horse, is settling in just fine at his new home in Athens, Georgia, with his owner, trainer and caregiver, Molly Larson. Molly, a 99′ Fair Acres graduate, tells us Amigo is loving the warm weather, enjoying the Southern hospitality and making new friends everyday!

Molly made the decision to bring Amigo to Georgia last September to be with her, as she was completing her three-year residency specializing in Internal Equine Medicine. Molly recently graduated from the UPenn Veterinarian program, and after completing an internship in Kentucky, she moved to Athens, where she now resides with her fiancé, Dan Adams (veterinarian surgeon), their dogs, Luke, and three-legged Golden Retriever, Lefty (pictured below).

All are doing well and we look forward to their safe return to Fair Acres someday soon!

Read more about Amigo’s departure last October, here!