Meet the Fair Acres Summer, 2020 Staff!

Our 2020 staff is so excited to welcome both our new and returning campers for an action-packed, FUN-filled, sun-filled summer!

Lisa McIntyre: Director

School: King Philip Middle School Norfolk Ma, 7th Grade History Teacher

Major: Mastering the minds of middle school students!

Three interesting facts …

  • I have recently fallen in love with bike riding and love exploring new trails!
  • I recorded my very first Tik Tok Dance in quarantine!  This gal loves to dance!
  • I ate an entire mini watermelon in one sitting.  I wouldn’t recommend it!  It was just the first of the season and so delicious!

Orange Team! (6th and 7th graders)

Nathaniel Nugnes – Co-Director and Lead Counselor 

School: Graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy 2020

Major: International Maritime Business

Three interesting facts …

  • I recently saw a great white shark!
  • My favorite food is seafood.
  • My middle name is the same as a sunglass company name.  Can you guess what it is?

Yellow Team! (3rd, 4th, and 5th graders)

Lexi Varetimos

School: Barnstable High School; Junior

Three interesting facts …

  • I learned the presidents in kindergarten and can still name them all.
  • I don’t like soda.
  • I’ve always wanted to play hockey!

Joey Pandit

School: St. Sebastian’s School; Senior

Three interesting facts …

  • I love backpacking and mountaineering
  • I have a three legged dog named Ruby
  • I love to ski in Stowe, Vermont

Green Team! (1st and 2nd graders)

Livi Varetimos

School: Barnstable High School; Junior 

Three interesting facts …

  • I just learned how to snowboard
  • I know the entire Greek alphabet
  • I broke my finger when I was 2 and it is still broken!

Anna Nugnes

School: Stonehill College; Freshman

Major: Elementary Education

Three interesting facts …

  • I love watching the sunset
  • I like to eat ice cream for breakfast
  • I spent quarantine in Florida learning how to surf!

Chris Hostetter

School: Suffield Academy; Senior

Three interesting facts …

  • I love to play lacrosse.
  • I love to ski.
  • I lived in Hong Kong for 8 years!

Purple Team! (1st and 2nd graders)

Maggie Pronovost

School: Barnstable High School; Senior 

Three interesting facts …

  • I’m originally from Fairhaven.
  • I have a cat named Joey, but we call him Jo Jo Bananas (because sometimes he goes bananas!)
  • I am a huge disney enthusiast! 

Kayla Pultz 

School: Saint Michael’s College, 2020

Major: Elementary Education and Psychology 

Three interesting facts …

  • I graduated college this year, earning both my Bachelor of Arts and my Elementary Teaching License 
  • My favorite flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream are half baked and milk & cookies.
  • The only pet my brother and I have ever owned were two Hermit Crabs(we used to race them).

Charlie Pandit 

School: Providence College; Freshman

Major: Economics and Minor in Writing

Three interesting facts …

  • I love to ski!
  •  I love to watch and play sports, especially football!
  • I was born in Portland, Oregon!

Red Team! (Pre-K and K)

Skylar Bowman  

School: Barnstable High School; Senior

Three interesting facts …

  • My mom just rescued a horse in December and then we found out she was pregnant- surprise! Now we have TWO beautiful horses. 
  • I am planning on rescuing my first dog this summer! Let me know if you see any cute pups that need homes. 
  • I turn 20 in September so I can’t wait to spend my last couple months as a “kid” with my favorite kids!

Graciella Arrascue

School: Roger Williams University; Sophomore

Major: Education Studies and my minor is Psychology

Three interesting facts …

  • This New Years Eve I saw the ball drop in Times Square
  •  I went zip lining in Costa Rica 
  • My number one talent is still doing the worm

Seneca Challies 

School: Cape Cod Community College; Sophomore

Three interesting facts …

  • I got to go to a Survivor show watch party and meet some of my favorite cast members
  •  I have two middle names, and my mom
  • I have a matching tattoo!


Maeve Bendenkop

School: UMASS Amherst; Sophomore

Major: Public Health/ Pre-Med

Three interesting facts …

  • I’m learning to surf. 
  • I have polar plunged over 7 times this year! Sometimes we needed to use an ice pick to get to the water!
  • I used to compete in Kung Fu tournaments. 

**All groups counselor assignments may change due to enrollment