Fair Acres 2023 Learn-to-Skate Program

Fair Acres was so happy to be able to offer our Learn-to-Skate program again this year!

This program took place on Tuesdays throughout the month of March at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center. The Pre-K and Kindergarten students traveled by bus to the rink (the bus ride was a huge highlight for the children!), and after lacing up, took to the ice to embark on the adventure of developing their ice skating skills together.

After the first couple of weeks, all of the children were off skating independently, no longer needing to reply on crates for balance. We were amazed by their progress, as they proudly demonstrated their skating abilities!

Our Learn-to-Skate program provides for a whole lot of fun, but also supports our goal of encouraging the development of very important skills, as well as physical activity. Preparing to ice skate requires many fine motor skills, including zipping jackets, tying skates and putting on gloves, and skating improves posture, balance, flexibility and coordination, while enhancing muscle strength and endurance.

Fair Acres is very proud of the long list of alumni, who have gone on to become hockey players and figure skaters, and we are very grateful to our staff, parents, and grandparents, who shared their time and talents with us, to help make this program a huge success!

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