Adios Amigo!

At the end of October, the Fair Acres family said “goodbye” to our beloved horse, Amigo. Embarking on an exciting adventure, Amigo traveled down to Georgia, where he was reunited with Miss Molly (Curt and Jodi’s daughter) and the staff at his new home.

Amigo came to Fair Acres and joined the Larson family 12 years ago. Molly, who was a Junior in high school at the time, welcomed Amigo with love and excitement. Her passion for animals, especially horses, led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Molly completed her veterinary studies recently at the University of Pennsylvania, and is now in Athens, Georgia doing a three-year residency in Internal Equine medicine. A 1998 graduate of Fair Acres, we knew Molly would go on to do amazing things! Realizing her dream of becoming a veterinarian, Molly felt it was time to have Amigo with her on a full-time basis again.

Over the years, Amigo has brought the Fair Acres Family so much happiness and joy. From visiting him at his barn, to feeding him apples picked form our apple trees, to observing his veterinary check-ups, and watching Miss Jodi interact with him in his arena – we will never forget the memories that we have all made with Amigo.

Although we will miss our friend Amigo, we are so happy that he is enjoying his new home and we wish him all the best!

The Fair Acres Family