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Fair Acres Fall, 2018 Newsletter

Fall After School Enrichments

We are so excited to announce our Fall after school enrichments! See Jodi, Shannon, or your child’s teacher for more information and to register…

Welcome Shannon, our New Co-Director!

Fair Acres is proud to announce the addition of Shannon Nasuti as co-director! Shannon will be working alongside Jodi in the day-to-day management of Fair Acres Country Day School.  We are very excited to have Shannon on our team and look forward to making her experience a positive one. Please help us welcome Shannon to the Fair Acres family!

Shannon and her husband have lived in Mashpee for 19 years where they have raised three children, Sarah, 21, Madelyn, 20 and Bobby, 18. Both Sarah and Bobby attend Umass Lowell and Madelyn attends Cape Cod Community College.  Shannon received her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education form Eastern Nazarene College and is Director I and II certified. She has been been working in the Education field for 21 years teaching and the last two years as a director. In her spare time, Shannon likes to watch the Boston sports teams, enjoys spending time outside, hiking, going to the beach, skiing and being with her family.

She is very excited to be a part of the Fair Acres team and is looking forward to working with the staff, children, and families!

Summer, 2018 Highlights

Boy, did that fly by! What an awesome summer here at Fair Acres Summer Day Camp! The memories are long, the friendships are strong and the “fun meter” hit an all time high! As you know, we strive to create positive experiences that last a lifetime, and this summer was no exception, from our infamous “Color Wars,” campfire nights, free swim, wacky games, to our annual “Block Party” – it was all epic! I would like to especially thank our “Eagles” (Leaders-in-Training), for making the first year of this program so successful and productive – great job to you all! I would also like to thank our incredible counselors, who make our camp the very best every day. And, a special thanks to Curt and Jodi whose leadership and passion for child development is second to none – and finally a *BIG THANK YOU* to all the Fair Acres campers who make coming to work the best job ever! Have a great year and I look forward to seeing you all next summer! In the meantime, be good and have fun!

Lisa, Camp Director


The Eagles, our Leaders-In-Training

The 2018 “Eagles” were the first to participate in the Fair Acres Leaders-in-Training program. It was such a pleasure to see them in action and to have them as part of our team!

Our 2018 Eagles completed an application process, and were selected based on their outstanding leadership potential. All of this summer’s Eagles were once campers, but we welcome all 12-13-year-olds to apply to the program in 2019. Our goal is to form a group of young leaders who, over the course of six weeks, will hone practical leadership skills, such as teamwork, communication, commitment, imagination and responsibility. These are many of the skills we seek in our camp counselors, thus the Eagles program is a perfect stepping stone for a child who may aspire to become a counselor in the future.

Throughout the duration of the program, the Eagles engage in team-building, socially-inspired initiatives, environmentally-conscious projects and many other explorative activities, all of which are designed to foster their growth as individuals and development as leaders. The Eagles follow a weekly schedule which is tailored around a theme. Our themes this summer included: collaboration, selflessness, commitment and motivation. During “Selflessness Week,” the Eagles designed and painted kindness rocks that they placed at the Kindness Garden at Sandy Neck beach in Sandwich, as part of a national movement to help lift humanity up by spreading positivity.

Kylie, our Eagles counselor, facilitates dialogues (“squawk talks”) to encourage the Eagles to reflect on the days’ activities and to help them fully-recognize the meaning and intention behind the activities. Through this thoughtful reflection, the Eagles are able to embrace the opportunity to communicate with their peers, gaining an understanding and appreciation for each other’s perspectives.

Here’s what some of our 2018 Eagles are saying about their experience in the program…

Jenna Schmidt

“The Eagles summer program at Fair Acres has helped me become a better role model, a leader, and most importantly a better person. As an Eagle, I experienced new things such as working with younger groups. We also became closer as a group during team building activities and squawk talks. During a squawk talk we share our opinions on things such as how to be a better friend or how to work with someone you don’t like, which helped me have a different perspective on many of our discussed topics. We also had a lot of fun, we went canoeing, we took a trip to the beach, we had a sleepover at Fair Acres, and played some classic camp games. Overall this experience has helped me grow as a person and will be something I will never forget.” ~ Jenna Schmidt

Ashley Walantis

“This year, 2018, Fair Acres added a new program named the Eagles. The Eagles have been such an amazing group to be a part of in my experience of over 10 years at Fair Acres. I got the chance to make new friends, create stronger relationships with old friends, and even learn more about myself – my strengths, weaknesses, what things are easy for me, and areas I can still grow. In the Eagles, we focused on future goals and how to achieve them along with other goals of a counselor. We had a phenomenal experience working with the younger groups, getting to know the campers, learning their daily schedules, and even holding camper’s hands while crossing the street (a highlight for me). Lastly, we had the opportunity to have a mock-interview with Mr. Larson and to share with him our experiences as an Eagle and things we look for in a future job. Overall the summer Eagles program was amazing and such a fun ride and I would recommend it to anyone, I want to do it all over again!” ~ Ashley Walantis

Taylor Bodurtha

“This summer I was invited to be in the new Eagles program at Fair Acres, and I had so much fun. This program has made me a better leader. Every morning we would work through a new team building activity, and these activities helped me to learn how to work well with others in tough situations, when we have so many different opinions and ideas. Also, being able to work with other groups at camp helped me to learn more about what it takes and what it means to be a leader and role model. We also had squawk talks everyday which was when we would discuss and contribute our ideas about a new question or topic every day. We all got the chance to share our opinion and it was great to hear other Eagles perspectives. Some of the questions were about being a leader and others were about learning how to be a good friend. Overall, I had an amazing summer in the Eagles program at Fair Acres.” ~ Taylor Bodurtha

Olivia Lambert

“As an Eagle, I have experienced what it would feel like to be a counselor. I really enjoyed being an Eagle, but the best part of the whole summer was getting to work in groups and with the campers. Every Eagle got to pick an age group to work with, and I chose the Black Bears, the youngest group at camp.   I loved having the opportunity to work with the young campers.   Looking back, what made this summer so special to me was realizing what I would like to be when I am older, and that is a maternity nurse. Working with the little campers made me think about how responsible and caring I am and I would love to make this into part of my future career. I loved this year at Fair Acres and can’t wait to come back next year!” ~ Olivia Lambert

***Fair Acres is currently accepting letters of interest from potential 2019 Eagle candidates – email your inquiries to info@fairacrescapecod.com***

Mid-Summer Newsletter

Check out all the fun and excitement our campers have been up to this summer in our newsletter: Fair Acres Summer Camp, 2018!  So many smiles, laughs, and exciting days already, but so many more still to come.  We only have three weeks left of camp, so contact us this week to register for the final session of the summer – space is very limited, so don’t delay!


SUMMER CAMP UPDATE: Session 4 has limited availability remaining!

REGISTER HERE: 2018 Summer Camp Registration Form

Our summer camp programming is second to none!

Fair Acres Country Day Camp runs for eight weeks, through the months of July and August. Camp opens at 7:30 am, Monday through Friday, with the camp program beginning at 9:00 am. The camp program ends at 3:30 pm and extended care is available until 5:00 pm. Campers range in age from 4-11 years and are grouped according to their age. Camp runs in two week sessions with most campers choosing multiple sessions throughout the summer. We also offer a one-week Pre-Camp session at the end of June.

Fair Acres Summer Camp is all about fun! Throughout the day, campers participate in a wide range of activities which include:

  • Field Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Swim Lessons and Free Swim
  • Playground Play
  • Court Sports (tennis, basketball, hockey, etc.)
  • “Specialty Days”
  • Water Activities
  • Nature Exploration
  • …and more!

Good ol’ camp fun is the main theme throughout the summer with all of our activities and programming. Campers will rotate from one planned activity to the next with their counselors. All activities are planned for the week by the lead counselors and reviewed by the camp director to ensure quality programming. Campers pack a lunch and drink daily as well as a bathing suit and towel. Fair Acres provides plenty of water breaks during the camp day and requires that all campers have sneakers to ensure their safety during daily activities.

Fair Acres encourages parents to visit camp and experience the same enjoyment and excitement that campers get. Your child will make lasting friendships, learn all about what it is to be a camper and most of all… they will look forward to coming back the next day!

Specialty Programs:

  • Color Wars
  • Water Day
  • Talent Shows
  • Private Swim Lessons
  • Campfire Nights

2018 Summer Camp Dates:

  • Pre-Camp Week: 6/25-6/29
  • Session 1: 7/2-7/13
  • Session 2: 7/16-7/27
  • Session 3: 7/30-8/10
  • Session 4: 8/13-8/24

The sessions that your child is registered for are binding. A $65.00 non-refundable registration fee plus $615.00 or $655.00 is due at the time you register your child for Fair Acres Summer Camp. The $615.00 or $655.00 will be applied to your child’s last attending session. You will be invoiced by mail on June 1st, 2018 for the remaining sessions registered.

Pre-Camp Week Rates:

  • $295 – Camp ends 3:30 p.m. (pick up 3:30)
  • $325 – Camp & extended day (pick up 5:00)

2018 Summer Camp Rates:

  • $615.00 Per Session (2 weeks) – Camp ends 3:30 p.m. (pick up 3:30)
  • $655.00 Per Session (2 weeks) – Camp & extended day (pick up 5:00)
  • $495.00 Per Session (2 weeks) 2nd child – Camp ends 3:30 p.m. (pick up 3:30)
  • $550.00 Per Session (2 weeks) 2nd child – Camp & extended day (pick up 5:00)

2018 Summer Camp Registration Form

Check out some of our Summer Camp highlights!

Learn more about our summer camp programming here!

We are all looking forward to another great summer at Fair Acres!

Summer Camp Packing List

Welcome to Summer Camp, 2018!

Here’s what our campers will need to bring along each day:

  • Nut/peanut-free lunch labeled with your camper’s name (we do refrigerate lunches)
  • Water bottle
  • Sneakers
  • Bathing suit and towel (flip flops/swim shoes – optional)
  • Change of clothes in case something gets wet
  • Sweatshirt on chilly mornings/days
  • Sunscreen
  • Your camp spirit!

Please label all of your campers belongings!

Please call Lisa or Maranda with any questions!  We can’t wait to see you soon!

What People Are Saying About Fair Acres!

We love Fair Acres! I can’t say it enough. The three year old program was the first time our son attended a school away from us. Not only was he learning amazing things, he was also greatly cared for by the teachers and staff. He had some anxiety issues and the teaching staff worked with us, in a variety of ways, to overcome his fears. This year he attends the Kindergarten program and has blossomed! He comes home teaching us all kinds of new things- about other cultures, science, nature, art, etc. He has really taken ownership of his learning. It is especially great to have him in an educational environment where the teachers value outdoor play and learning. He goes outside every day, even if there is snow on the ground. The teachers go out of their way to teach about the environment we live in, so that the children get an appreciation for nature. One of the first days of pickup this year in Kindergarten, the students were outside having a dance party on the field. The children were having such a great time! And really, that is what every day is like! There is learning in every activity they do, but the kids don’t know it- they think they are playing.

What we love the most though, is he is learning to be a good friend, citizen and person, as well. The development of social skills is a huge piece that we, as parents, cannot teach alone. Fair Acres has been incredible with teaching good values, interpersonal skills and kindness. Our child refers to all his classmates as his friends, not as “kids in his class”. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the guidance and support of the owners, Curt and Jodi Larson. They are always welcoming and open. Our son loves to say good morning to Miss Jodi and gives her a hug every time. These are the relationships we want him to develop with his classmates and teachers/administrators. He LOVES going to school. We really can’t say enough wonderful things!

~Beth & Sean Anderson

We have limited availability remaining in our 2018-2019 classrooms – schedule your personal tour today!

Fair Acres Spring Newsletter

We are so proud of our students and all of their accomplishments so far this school year! We hope you enjoy learning about what we’ve been up to the past few months, in our Spring newsletter…

Fair Acres Spring Newsletter